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Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC

In the past 10 years that we have been together we've never been stuck in a car for longer than 3 hours.  We wanted to break away from the monotony of our day to day life, but being low on  both funds and vacation time our options were limited. We decided to do a week end road trip but we wanted to go some place new. With a little help from the sheik google we decided on a beautiful city nestled in the smoky mountains.

ASHEVILLE, NC is a paradox, driving there through the majestic smoky mountains surrounded by the beauty of nature, and being humbled by the sheer size of the mountains that stood 5,000 feet above us, to then be awed by 8000 acres of the Vanderbilt Estate. This city does a great job of giving you a home town feel, the streets are littered with local shops and little breakfast spots that serve freshly baked goods and the quintessential "southern style" foods. Our first stop was Corner Kitchen , where we grabbed some omelets, toast and grits before heading to the estate. 

Before taking on the Vanderbilt Estate heres a few things you should know:

  •  Its massive! It can easily take 3 to 5 hours to fully take everything in. There is the main house, the gardens and the village.  Like seriously it is HUGE!!!!
  • Bring snacks and water, if you don't you will have a very hangry and irritated significant other. 
  • It says you can't take pictures in the house, but you can. Also just be prepared for low lighting and lots of people. 
  • WEAR comfortable shoes!! Trust us, you will thank us after the fourth fight of stairs. 
  • There are a lot of small details, so take your time. Especially photographers. 
  • Try the ice cream shop in the village. 
  • If you are into red wine they have got great options, but if you are like us and red wine makes you want to throw up then upgrade your wine tasting to the bar

All in all Asheville is definitely a place we want to see more of. It has so much more to offer than we were able to take advantage of in two short days.